Sonia Edgy is a vocalist, lyricist, jazz-based music explorer, collaborator, arranger, producer and creator. Author of Meet Your Voice, holistic voice training method. Distinctive sound and musical versatility in one.

 In 2009 she got signed to an international booking agency and for the next 5 years continuously performed in over 10 countries across Europe, Asia and Middle East, singing with variety of bands singing mainly jazz music but including also some pop, reggae, soul and rock gigs. Visit www.soniaedgy.com for more.

Since 2011 Sonia works with speakers and singers helping them to overcome their voice – related issues and in 2016 Sonia completed her original teaching method called Meet Your Voice (www.meetyourvoice.com)
In 2013 warmly received on London jazz scene, Sonia sang upstairs at Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club, Pizza Express Jazz Club, 606 Jazz Club, Vortex Jazz Club, Jazz Cafe POSK, Primo Bar Plaza Westmister, Jazz at the Crypt, Brasserie Tolouse Lautrec & Jazz Bar just to mention the major ones.
 Inspirations: Billy Holiday, Betty Carter, Sarah Vaughan, Rachelle Ferrell, Sade, Chaka Khan, Whitney Houston, Luther Vandross, Amy Winehouse, Jazzmeia Horn and Mark Murphy 

Sonia shared stage with greats like Steve Williamson, Gary Crosby, Rob Luft, Robin Banerjee, Dermot McNeil, Ben Hazleton, Rob Barron, Olie Brice, David Mrakpor, Dave Storey, Nick Shankland, Tim Lapthorne, Steve Rose, Dan Rainstein, Shane Forbes, Loz Speyer, Aleksandra Topczewska, Eleonora Gorini, Dian Caspar, Alex Windsor, Ashley Blasse, Emiliano Caroselli, Kitty La Roar, Alice Williams, Oli Arlotto, Caroline Scott, Wayne Matthews, Dimitris Dimopolous, Fraser Bernstein, Christian Vaughan, Rio Kai, Wilmer Sifontes, Jamie Murray, Nick Lenner-Webster, Charlie Stacey, Mario Bakuna, Edson Gondim, Tamas Teszary, Tommy Remon, Josue Ferreira, Dario di Lecce, Andrea Trillo, Dario Congedo, Livio Polisano, Mikele Montolli, Giovanni Cresseri, Kevin Glasgow, Evie O’Driscoll, Sebastian Maniura, George Winstone, Romeo Velluto, Marco Tranchina, Gary Wilcox, Phillip Bent (GRP All Stars), Knoel Scott (Sun Ra Arkestra) and many others great musicians whose names are not enlisted here.

Well crafted, alluring sensuality with the edge. Gary Crosby, OBE

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Jim Rattigan

Sep 28, 2021
  Preston Conservative Club

Wendy Kirkland & Pat Sprakes Sextet

Sep 26, 2021
  Preston Conservative Club


Nov 9, 2021
  Preston Conservative Club

Faye Patton Nu Jazz Quartet

Oct 16, 2021
  Toulouse Lautrec

Ms Maurice

Sep 27, 2021
  The Cockpit

Andrew McCormack’s Graviton

Oct 22, 2021
  The Progress Theatre

Kidderminster Jazz Club – Roger Beaujolais

Oct 7, 2021
  Kidderminster Town Hall

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