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For artists / music professionals working in the industry:

Create your ConnectsPage to feature all your work ‘connecting’ your existing online content into a ‘one-stop-shop’. Your ConnectsPage will feature your artist/business online identity with photos, biogs, and direct links to all your websites, social media, videos, and music sales outlets (Amazon, Apple Music and streaming platforms).
How do I create my ConnectsPage?
Click on this link and fill out info ready for us to share and spread the word about your work.
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Artist/business ConnectsPages are featured on our homepage carousels.
Plus you can be highlighted as our featured Artist/business ConnectsPage to our 5000+ connections in our weekly membership mailouts and social media posts. Let us know about your work, so we can share your work.
How can I share my ConnectsPage?
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Contact us to request being featured on our weekly membership emails and social media posts to our 5000+ connections.
Who is featured in VOTI Voices of the Industry?
We seek to feature and celebrate key professionals in our music industry as we learn about the music lives of artists, MDs, songwriters, DJs – the variety and host of talents who create the sounds we hear.
Who is featured in Watch and Listen?
We feature artists’ music videos, album or single launches, podcasts etc. Let us know what’s happening.
What are Industry Nuggets?
Industry Nuggets are our mini-guides, of how to get on in the music business, including ‘how to get your music out there’. Plus artists’ and educators’ interesting info. Let us know if there’s something you feel we should be including for people to learn from.
How can I list my gigs on ‘What’s On’?
Click on this link and fill-out all relevant info. We will highlight What’s On within our weekly social media posts. Plus let us know if you’re a venue, as we can bulk import events for you.
ConnectsMusic is free to access and use
Community has never been more important to us all. ConnectsMusic is designed as a free platform, resource and enabler for connection and collaboration in the world of music.

ConnectsMusic has creativity, innovation, and the power of community at its core. Bringing music and people together – by artists for artists and our audience. We celebrate our diverse music industry.

We are a free, digital-focussed platform and directory for inspiration, connection and collaboration in the world of music.

Our ultimate goal is to nurture the grassroots music scene, cultivating a supportive ecosystem that champions creativity, inclusivity, and collaboration. Through this initiative, we aspire to bridge gaps, break barriers, shine a light on grassroots music, and pave the way for new opportunities within the music industry. By engaging with fresh talent and grassroots promoters, we aim to introduce diverse audiences to a spectrum of musical experiences, fostering a culture of appreciation and innovation

We’re incredibly proud to already be joined by a multitude of like-minded people, having 5000+ in our network.

Our core purpose is to:

Work with artists across all genres, ages and socio-economic backgrounds

Ensure that the music industry is diverse, safe and inclusive

Inspire and empower artists from different stages in their careers through knowledge

Celebrate independent music and our community of music professionals – artists, music creators, venues and promoters

Champion the work of professional artists and music creators

Support and empower through knowledge – guiding up-and-coming independent artists on how to get their music out there.

Explore the variety of portfolio music industry careers; from solo-leads, frontliners, to MD’s, songwriters, and those behind the scenes who make our music industry the powerful community that it is today.

We support, show and share about music talent that is out there, especially in this current time when our music world is being so greatly affected – community has never been more important to us all.


ConnnectsMusic is founded by Emily Saunders; vocalist, composer, producer, and passionate lobbyist for our music industy.

“Growing up in a family of music creators, working and connecting within our incredible music community has always been everything to me.

Experiencing the power of connection, collaboration, and combined voices is the main drive behind founding ConnectsMusic.

Expanding this passion into WeAreMusic.info the anti-bullying and anti-harrassment signposting portal/campaign is also dear to my heart, please check it out too.”

Speak soon,

Emily and the team at ConnectsMusic

“The Jazz world thrives on collaborative spirits. ConnectsMusic provides an accessible, free portal for artists and associates to build on the heart of unity that Jazz represents. It is a music industry networking source supporting the UK based scene with a platform for the world to experience a Jazz array – at the click of their fingertips.”

Carleen Anderson
Award winning vocalist, recording artist, composer, lyricist, producer
Winner of Gilles Peterson’s Worldwide FM 2017 Lifetime Achievement Award

“In this sea of internet information overload, it’s great to be a part of, and have access to, a new and growing portal like ConnectsMusic, where you can engage with all the different aspects of your art, within a more community spirited feel and fashion.”

Cleveland Watkiss MBE
Award winning international vocalist, professor (Trinity Laban), Warriors International

“ConnectsMusic is a communal service which helps us all … whether we are an artist or a manager or a promoter. It’s the perfect antidote to the unwanted divisions in our society by virtue of its sharing nature and positivity.”

Mary James
Artist management

“Just as the primary genre it supports, from very important initial connections and in a relatively short space of time it has developed into a great forum facilitating fantastic creativity (in the U.K. and further afield) and it continues to expand and evolve. This should be encouraged as it benefits all involved with every aspect of the music.”

Jason Yarde
Composer, arranger, producer, musical director & saxophonist

“ConnectsMusic/JazzConnects is one of the most comprehensive places on the net for Jazz Promo. The Ivors Academy was represented at leading jazz trade fair, Jazz Ahead, held annually in Bremen, having been invited to join the ground-breaking UK organisation ConnectsMusic/JazzConnects, setup by Emily Saunders. A huge thank you to Emily for making it happen and including so many Academy members, commissioners & potential members.”

Orphy Robinson MBE
Award winning multi-instrumentalist and composer

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