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Sheik-Omar Sanogo is a French-Burkinabese Neo-Bop/Post-Bop/Fusion/M-Base/Hip-Hop Tenor /Soprano/Alto /Ewi Saxophonist, Band leader And Self-producer. Born In paris in 1968 he has studied Jazz & Classical Music at Schola Cantorum Music, Dance & Drama (paris) from November  16th 1985 to December 8th 1987, then Performed, Recorded, Jammed, Toured with (1985-20..): Urban Sax, Marino Zappellini, Yvan Avice, Sonny Simmons, Brice Wassy, Mike Ellis, Kevin Davy, The Last Poets, Saul Williams, Marque Gilmore, Thomas Kpade, Djez Ndiaye, Iba Ndiaye Rose, Danilo Gallo, Denys Baptiste, Sarah Morrow, DJ GilB-R, Cleveland Watkiss, Steve Williamson, Robert Mitchell, Damsko United Brass Band, Mc Max M-Bassado, Pierre Boussaguet, Dominic Ntoumos,HKB Finn, Bebo Baldan and Many Others….he has recorded and self-produced 4 albums solos : Sheik-Omar Sanogo “Children of the Sun “(sos prod/Azoto Records/1995),“The Chamber Of Answers“(sos prod/Azoto Records/2003),“Forgotten Floors of the Underground“(sos prod/Azoto records/2004),“Another Future for Tomorrow(2030)“(sos prod/Azoto Records/2019)

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Sheik-Omar Sanogo
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Sheik-Omar Sanogo
Father Music, Mother Dance
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