Robert is a pianist, teacher, composer, songwriter, arranger and poet.

He has released 9 albums and is a Steinway Artist since 2009.

He has won Best Jazz Album (Gilles Peterson Worldwide Awards 2009), BBC Jazz Awards (Innovation as part of the Fire Collective 2004) and has been nominated for the Paul Hamlyn and British Composer Awards.

These days his primary focal points include his long-running ensemble Panacea; his new trio Epiphany 3 (Tom Mason and Saleem Raman) with special guest dancer Masumi Endo, solo performance (including a current fascination with one-handed works, which produced one solo album and festival – Leftitude – in 2013 – to which he returns to record more lh only works soon); he also continues to work with the legendary Courtney Pine CBE, French saxophone great Julien Lourau, French sax innovator Stephane Payen, young saxophonist Tom Harrison, Cuban violinist Omar Puente, Miles Bould’s USONIC, Orphy Robinson‘s All Stars, South African education, percussion and conflict resolution genius Eugene Skeef, and new free jazz/radical poetry group StagerLee Wonders. He has recently recorded on albums by Julien Lourau and Courtney Pine CBE.

Robert has worked with a myriad of artists including : Quite Sane, The Jazz Warriors, Greg Osby, Clifford Jarvis, The Roots, Courtney Pine CBE, Flute Soulfulness (Roland Sutherland+Keith Waithe), Tomorrows Warriors, Steve Williamson, Nikki Yeoh, Flute House Trio, Mitchell/Yarde duo, Keith Waithe and the Macusi Players, De Stijl Ensemble, Orphy Robinson, Shiva Nova, Denys Baptiste, Kevin Haynes, Julie Dexter, jena Toussaint, Marjorie Whylie, Kookai (Fashion show), Ciyo Brown, Guy Barker, Nu Troop, Andy Sheppard, Black Women In Music, Claire Martin, Theo Travis, Dennis Rollins, Steve Coleman, Louise Schumacher, Lauren Dalrymple, Frankie Valentine, Ethel Fitzjohn, Verdi Centenary, Louis Armstrong Centenary, IG Culture, DJ Pogo, Ntoumos, Harry Brown, Du – Kru, Ty, Shorter Stories, 2 Banks Of 4, Larry Bartley, Brian Abrahams, Norma Winstone, Julien Seixal, Vaughn Hawthorne- Nelson, HKB Finn, Tim Collinson, Silhouette Brown, Omar Puente, Cry Of Innocence (T.Jegede Opera), Jo Caleb, Eska, Heidi Vogel, Jhelisa, Corey Mwamba, Shirley Thompson, Shaun Escoffery, Dan Stern, Soweto Kinch, Matana Roberts, Jose James, Marlena Shaw, David Little, The Deep MO, Kaiti Tatham, Laika Fatten, Ernesto Simpson, Alex Ward, Empirical, Dayme Arocena, Tom Harrison, Basement Jaxx, Misterioso, Alex Hawkins, Julien Lourau, Jason Rebello, Robert Mitchell’s Panacea, Robert Mitchell Solo, Robert Mitchell and Omar Puente Duo, Robert Mitchell 3io, Robert Mitchell’s Invocation, Robert Mitchell‘s Epiphany3.

Albums :
Robert Mitchell’s Panacea – Voyager (2001), Quantum EP (2003), Trust (2005), The Cusp (2010)
Robert Mitchell 3io – The Greater Good (2008), The Embrace (2011)
Robert Mitchell and Omar Puente – Bridges (2006)
Robert Mitchell solo – Equinox (2007), The Glimpse (2013)
Robert Mitchell – A Vigil For Justice. A Vigil For Peace (2017)

His latest album ‘ A Vigil For Justice. A Vigil For Peace.’ (DOF001 – 2017) is for piano trio and features extensive original poetry inspired by the rapid political change in atmosphere in recent times, against the backdrop of so much unrealised human potential and vast inequalities. This is presented on his own label – Depth Of Field. The poetry features amongst a debut collection of the same name also released in 2017 . In 2014 – his first large scale work – Invocation – was successfully performed by the Grammy winning Bournemouth Symphony Chorus, Goldsmith Big String and students from Avonbourne and Harewood at St Peters Church (Bournemouth) and the Queen Elizabeth Hall (London).

There will be news on a tour and new release in 2018 soon !!

Robert Mitchell – You Have Taken Now And Made It Eternal

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Dec 5, 2021
  Christ Church Highbury, 155 Highbury Grove, London N5 1SA

Emma Rawicz Quartet

Nov 29, 2021
  The Cockpit

Swing Into Christmas

Nov 29, 2021
  South Hill Park Arts Centre.

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