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Jennifer Lucy Allan is a writer and researcher living and working in Southend On Sea. She is currently in her final year of a PhD on the social and cultural history of the foghorn, looking at its significance as a massive sonic sound marker along our coasts and at sea.

Her research has been included in the Routledge interdisciplinary collection Lighthouse-Interdisciplinary-Reflections-on-Light-1st-Edition/Strang-Edensor-Puckering/p/book/9781472477354″>From The Lighthouse, and she organised and ran the UAL conference Large Objects Moving Air in 2018 with Matt Parker.

She also runs the record label Arc Light Editions, and previously worked as online editor for The Wire magazine. She has also contributed to The Guardian, Wired UK, and others, and taught a six week journalism course with The Hackney Citizen/East End Review, along with workshops on writing about sound at Sonic Acts in Amsterdam and Edition Festival in Stockholm.

Recently she has hosted BBC Radio 3’s Late Junction, produced Ecstatic Material for the Outlands touring network, and is curating an edition of Kammer Klang with Annea Lockwood.

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