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Issie Barratt’s INTERCHANGE is an exciting & creative new initiative designed to champion and mentor the nation’s most innovative women composers and improvisers: Pushing at the boundaries and blurring all the edges! INTERCHANGE’s growing pool of musicians: Who have performed with and composed for the ensemble to date. Baritone sax: Issie Barratt Piano: Nikki Iles & Zoe Rahman Voice: Jessica Radcliffe, Brigitte Baraha, Charlie Pyne & Carol Jarvis Trumpet: Laura Jurd, Yazz Ahmed & Becca Loft Trombone: Carol Jarvis, Rosie Turton, Natalie Witts & Emma Bassett Clarinet/Alto Sax: Helena Kay, Amy Roberts & Alice Leggett Tenor & soprano saxes, clarinet & flute: Tori Freestone, Alyson Cawley & Chelsea Carmichael Cello: Shirley Smart Accordion: Karen Street Bass: Charlie Pyne Drums & Percussion: Katie Patterson & Jas Kayser “A compelling & emotional set of top drawer contemporary jazz. Diverse in interests & histories … electrifying texture… the band played their heart out” London Jazz News

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