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Guido Spannocchi is a Vienna/Austria born London based woodwind instrumentalist specializing in Alto and Baritone saxophone. He studied Jazz Saxophone and classical flute at the Conservatoire of Vienna as well as musicology at the University of Vienna & Paris VIII. His collaborations range from straight ahead jazz to trip hop and electronic beats as well as pop and funk whilst his original projects focus on contemporary jazz, improvisations and interplay. Spannocchi’s sold out debut Album “Ahead Only” was published in May 2017 and recorded as well as mixed and mastered entirely analogue on tape as well as released on a limited vinyl record featuring Jason Simpson on double bass and Marco Quarantotto on drums. Follow up album “Terms & Conditions” published in spring 2018 is influenced by Brazilian Music and feautres some works by Rashaan Roland Kirk played by Spannocchi with Matheus Nova on electric bass alternating with Mao Yamada on double bass and Cyro Zuzi on drums. Published in 2019 the double album “All The Above” features renowned saxophonists Tony Kofi on Baritone sax alternating with Jure Pukl on tenor sax with a rhythm section of Gina Schwarz on bass and Saleem Raman on drums alternating with JJ Stillwell on bass and Filippo Galli on drums.

Spannocchi’s most succesful album to date is his 2021 release “Perihelion” which features Jay Phelps on trumpet, Sylvie Leys on tenor sax, Robert Mitchell on Wurlitzer, Michelangelo Scandroglio on double bass alongside Spannocchi on alto sax, all composition and arrangements are his originals.

Spannocchi ‘s latest release came out on 9.June 2023 “Live at Porgy & Bess Vienna” which features Danny Keane on piano and Rhodes, Ruth Goller on electric bass and Pete Hill on drums. This album has become a testimony to live music and club culture and showcases the quartet’s focus on interplay

Ever since his first release Spannocchi has gained international recognition for his regular output and extensive touring. He runs several regular nights in London and his most notable shows have sold out at Ronnie Scott’s several times as well as The Vortex, Porgy & Bess, and B-Flat. He has been artist in residence in Tokyo for Vogue Japan / Shohei International in 2019 and is endorsed by Marca Reeds, Corry Bros Mouthpieces and Austrian Audio. Spannocchi also curates the JazzExchange series of concerts for the Austrian Cultural Forum in London

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Guido Spannocchi
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Guido Spannocchi
A Walk in Yoyogi Park
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