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Grazina Pukaite is a Lithuanian-born contemporary vocalist based in London. Her singing style and instrumentalist-like approach to phrasing are rooted in the jazz and bebop tradition but also reflect European and Scandinavian jazz idioms, drawing inspiration from Eastern European and Scandinavian music. Her musical influences range from Jon Hendricks (the father of vocalese) to the legendary vocalist Norma Winstone.

The first release, ‘Ode to My Fingers,’ is an original composition that explores the patterns and cycles of longing/belonging and the subconscious in micro and macrocosms in us. The hypnotic soundscapes create a textural foundation for the lush harmonies, quirky lyrics, and mellow and loose melody—featuring talents of Chris Bland – Rhodes, Harry Brunt – tenor sax, Julian Woods – microtonal guitar.

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Grazina Pukaite
Small Sessions I
The debut EP, ‘Small Sessions I,’ by the Grazina Pukaite Trio, introduces Chris Bland on piano (tracks 1, 3, 5), Rhodes (track 2), Hammond (tracks 4, 6), Harry Brunt on tenor sax, and guest feature — Julian Woods on microtonal guitar (tracks 2, 6). ‘Small Sessions I’ is an unfiltered exploration of sound, shapes, and textures, pushing the boundaries of musical connection with trusted collaborators that reflects the raw experience and deep honesty in the momentum. Our recording approach was uninhibited, free from expectations or parameters — an experiment embracing imperfections without pursuing perfection. The album unfolds as a diverse tapestry, featuring a spectrum of hues transitioning from lighter tones to deeper shades. A special place is reserved for reworked A.C. Jobim’s ‘Chega de Saudade’ and ‘Desafinado’ compositions, adding a unique touch to this eclectic musical experience. The opening tune on the EP, ‘Renewal’ by Ralph Towner, with verse lyrics by Grazina, starts with a free piano intro, setting the tone for the entire EP.
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