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Will Davenport is a composer studying Electronic Music and Composition at Guildhall School of Music and Drama. Will has composed music for various noteworthy clients, such as The National Trust, The Barbican and The BBC. Will has had music commissioned for projects such Guildhall’s ‘Tessiture Elettronico’ concert of electro-acoustic music, the Barbican’s Sound Unbound festival and Illuminated River, which is a new lighting installation spanning across the Thames. His current projects include his debut album, an experimental audiobook and an interactive event for String Quartet & Electronics.

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Phones buzzing on piano strings... voices raging again opulent orchestral soundscapes... an ocarina... Will Davenport’s electro-acoustic album, “I Can’t Get Out of Bed” is a deeply personal and immersive musical journey into that which is unknown but also, somehow, familiar. By turns playful and confessional it is an immensely ambitious work by an exciting new voice
Peter Longworth

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