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The perfect space for creatives.  An oasis located in the heart of London. Just 10 min walk from Waterloo station.

Situated at  the ‘Old Paradise Yard’ , the studio is a creative hub that brings together a spectrum of entrepreneurs.

Surrounded by trees and greens, the studio will help to inspire, to develop exciting ideas and to generate innovative projects. This is the perfect venue for workshops, group training and team building events.

The building

Our venue space is an example of inspiring old architecture and modern and creative use of space.

The vast open floor plan with white walls and natural light make this space spacious, bright and attractive.
The Victorian building is still visible in the high vaulted wooden ceiling and wooden floor. Hence a warm, comfortable and pleasant atmosphere.

Our yard in front of the Studio, with an outside seating area is a great opportunity to have a break enjoying nature in relaxation.

A place full of history

Before Waterloo Creative Studio came to existence as a venue space, the site used to be a Tibetan Buddhist centre. A place of meditation, holistic therapy and karmic synergy. Once you come here you can really feel the good vibes!

At 200 meters from our studio, at 13 Hercules Road, William Blake lived for ten of his most productive years. On your way here, passing through the railway tunnels of Waterloo Station, you can find 70 mosaics. They are based on the words and paintings of William Blake. A pleasant walk in a street gallery if you come from Waterloo!

The charismatic and historical style of the this building really allows your events to stand out.

Equipment list

Check our full equipment list to discover all the features and technical specification of the venue. Our room has 2 accessible entrances. 

Office equipment:

1x flipchart 
7x tables (1.20mx2m)
60 x chairs
1x printer (available upon request)
Wi-Fi  (Fibre broadband + 1 extra router)

AV Spec:

1x Projector w/ VGA/HDMI input
1x Behringer EPS500 Portable PA System

Kitchen facilities:

Coffee machine (available upon request)
Kettles +  hot water jugs
Fridge (available upon request)


1 x accessible toilet
2 x  toilets

Other equipment:

Soundcraft Spirit LX7 16-Channel Mixer
2x Peavey HiSys 4 PA Speakers (700w/4 Ohms)
Subzero AA1000 J Amp; Gruppen Lab 500 Amp
Behringer Ultra-DI Pro 8-Channel DI Box
Mark Bass Basic p500 Bass Amp Head
SWR 4x10T Speaker Cabinet
Peavey Studio Pro Guitar Combo 40W
Peavey KB-100 200w Keyboard Amp
Vintage Olympic Kick Drum; Snare & Snare Stand; 2x Rack Toms; Kick
Pedal; 3x Cymbal Stands – Hi-Hat stand; no cymbals!
Danemann Baby Grand Piano
Mics: SM85; Lewitt MTP 240DM; AKG D95; 2 x Pro-Sound; sE Electronics X1
6x Mic Stands
1x Keyboard stand

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