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The Waterfront Hall is an iconic venue and has been instrumental in bringing the world’s stars to Belfast.
Waterfront Hall has been a beacon of peace within Belfast. First opening its doors in 1997, it came at a turning point in the history of the city and has since gone on to host some of the most iconic names to visit Belfast.
Designed by local architects Robinson McIlwaine and built by contractors Gilbert Ash, the Waterfront Hall was introduced to the people of Belfast in an opening concert on 17 January 1997, where guests were treated to a breath-taking performance by Ulster Orchestra in collaboration with world-renowned flautist, Sir James Galway, and internationally-acclaimed pianist, Barry Douglas.
Since its inaugural concert, Waterfront Hall was making headlines again when it hosted U2 for the infamous ‘Yes’ concert; a free concert for the youth of Belfast which was envisioned as a last hope to get the ‘yes’ vote over the line in the historic referendum that took place just three days later. The people of Belfast took the world by surprise when 71% of the voters opted for peace, overwhelmingly endorsing the Good Friday Agreement which was instrumental in bringing peace to Northern Ireland.
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