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Jazz guitarist Tony Heiberg’s sax & guitar duos with backing tracks are on the second year of their weekly Ivy in Richmond residency and played there for NYE 2018/19. Tony’s Duos have also appeared frequently at Ivy branches in Guilford, Cobham, St Albans and Tunbridge Wells along with numerous gigs in other venues including several fairly recent balls for The Mayor of Kingston upon Thames. Tony is a classical jazz guitarist who has toured the world playing and jamming with some of the greatest jazz and crossover musicians in the world, such as Carlos Santana, Chaka Khan, Ralph Towner, John Abercrombie, Gail Anne Dorsey (David Bowie’s bassist), Anne Pigalle, Nathan East (Eric Clapton’s bassist), Phoebe Legere,  Keith Allen – the comedian- Matt Wates, Duncan Eagles, Vasilis Xenopoulis and Jake Fryer. With an impressive little black book of the UKs leading jazz musicians and saxophonists featuring the aforementioned Matt Wates and co, Tony’s Lounge/Café jazz will bring world class music right to your venue.  Blending Latin American and Bossa nova tones into the jazz mix will create extraordinary nights of unique entertainment perfectly tailored to the night and the audience. Tony, Matt and the other great saxophonists are excellent sight readers which enables them to play a vast repertoire of legendary tunes and constantly-fresh performances every time and just a small space will be all you need to transform your venue into a regular on the jazz scene.  You will be able to choose between your dinner guests being gently and unforgettably serenaded over intimate dinner, or up on their feet dancing into the night. Drawing from the rich jazz made famous by the dance bands of the supper club and big-restaurant jazz culture of the 1920s, through the great American song book and the bebop revolution of the 1940s, the cool jazz of the 50s and Blue Note repertoire from the 60s and 70s, Tony’s Duos are a favourite with jazz aficionados as well as novice listeners – musicians for every audience. By working with expert conservatory-trained musicians adept in the classical structures but fluent and fluid in the many jazz dialects you will be hosting simply the best jazz in town.

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Tony Heiberg
Man of La Macho
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Tony Heiberg
Cowboy Builders
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