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In the heart of Colchester, the Three Wise Monkeys is a trendy nightlife hotspot which spans 4 floors, packing a punch with a classic pub, speakeasy-style gin bar, smokehouse and live music venue all under one roof.
With the support of Backing Essex Business, Let’s Do Business Finance and the local council, Pasini Leisure were able to expand their operations under the challenging circumstances of the pandemic, which enabled the owners to make the Three Wise Monkeys into the popular venue it is today. 
Owners of the Three Wise Monkeys, Pasini Leisure, operates several independent hospitality venues across Essex and Suffolk, with two other venues in Colchester including Twisters Bar and V Bar, making the Three Wise Monkeys venue a successful third addition to their portfolio in the Colchester area, and another Three Wise Monkeys in Ipswich which opened in 2018.
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