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This year we celebrate the 11th year anniversary of The Jazz Network Worldwide! I do hope that it is a work that has been looked at as my art and contribution to jazz and its forward movement. In dedication to my father “Chubby” Jackson, you won’t find me stopping anytime soon for I’ll continue to create with no negatives as my father would say.

I just integrated a new network under The Jazz Network Worldwide umbrella.

The Not Just Jazz Network, where we find the best of the best in all genres that integrates their artistry with jazz. There is much to do and create, so its presented with class, dignity and an innovative flare in keeping this art form moving forward.

I’m looking to open our horizons, be a place where festivals come to see what is new and exciting in the world of jazz and its booking capabilities. Its up to us to show the marketplace what a real jazz festival can be with talent that makes sense to be on a jazz stage. I’m all for variety music festivals, showcasing the various genres, but what I don’t stand for is other genres booked on these festivals that have nothing to do with jazz, singing their R&B hits from the 90’s. Wrong.

Only through my heritage do I get my fuel, I need for those of you from other genres that would like to be a part of this quest to join us in the ‘great place to hang’ and share who you are…let’s hear your musical integration of jazz your way!

That is my quest for 2017 and beyond so jazz festivals will consider just that, where it honors the artistry of all who improvise their hearts and were inspired by Jazz.


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