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The Dublin Castle is a pub and live music venue in Camden TownLondon. It was built for Irish navvies working on railways in London, but gained prominence as a venue in the late 1970s after the band Madness established a live reputation there. Subsequently, it was an important venue in the early stages of several bands’ careers and contributed to the Britpop musical genre. Amy Winehouse was a regular visitor to the pub.

The Dublin Castle regularly hosts live music events from Wednesday to Sunday every week.

It has also long hosted a popular open jam on Tuesday nights, which has included appearances from major bands such as The Libertines. After a hiatus, the open jam has been restarted as Redrock Jam as of November 2016. 

Redrock Jam is hosted by local band Redwire, who also hosted Redrock Festival at the same venue in October 2016 and again in September 2017.

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