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Paul Taylor’s pioneering trombone trio deranging trad music, tumbling into free improv + the odd poem thrown in: brass, real jazz, originals, fanfares, classical, folk/world music.

Ultra-versatile, creative ensemble now available for adding charm to convivial/creative/corporate events: parties, festivals, conferences, anniversaries, launches, lunches, etc.
The Blowpipes Trombone Trio is The Global Village Band, playing a huge range of music from around the world, in a fresh, free-thinking and friendly way. Founded in London in 1993, The Blowpipes Trombone Trio is where trombone poetry started. Poetry was included at many of the trio’s early gigs, and a couple of poems were set to music on The Blowpipes’ album, Zenoria. The band still resumes this role sometimes, acting as a “house band” for trombone poetry. This improvising/composing trio plays traditional music, classical pieces, and all kinds of jazz. The repertoire is enormous, running to well over 700 arrangements in a great range of genres, and includes many original compositions written especially for the trio. As a creative ensemble, The Blowpipes can offer bespoke compositions and arrangements for special occasions, and music to match themes or specific national flavours.
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The setting of the pop anthem Leader of the Pack takes the prize for good-humoured chutzpah.
Clive Davis, Sunday Times

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