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Skopje Jazz Festival is a non-governmental, non-profit organization.

Skopje Jazz Festival is one of the leading music events in the Republic of Macedonia with tradition of thirty-four years and with excellent reputation in Europe and in the world. It is among the best jazz festivals in Europe. The Festival was established in 1982. The programmes so far have included all jazz styles. SKOPJE JAZZ FESTIVAL 2015 15-18 October 15 October JAMES BLOOD ULMER (USA) GIANLUCA PETRELLA Cosmic Renaissance (ITA) OBARA INTERNATIONAL (POL/NOR) 16 October JOACHIM KÜHN (GER) AVISHAI COHEN TRIO (ISR) MELT YOURSELF DOWN (UK) 17 October CRAIG TABORN (USA) GREGORY PORTER (USA) 18 October COLIN STETSON / SARAH NEUFELD (USA/CAN) ANGLES 8 (SWE)


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