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Simona Cosimi is an Italian born singer songwriter living between Rome and London. Her vocal style is refreshingly distinctive and unique, enticing the listener into a world that is rich, dark and intense, but which also conveys a gentle sensuality. Simona writes her original songs and expresses the music she loves with a deeply passionate attitude reminiscent of the artists who influenced her early years, artists such as Italian soprano Mina who dominated the Italian Pop music scene in the 60’s and 70’s and later on Jazz legends such as Carmen McRae and Billie Holiday, who inspired Simona to develop her love of Jazz.

Simona’s music style first developed in Bologna, where she attended university. It was during these years that she learned to sing Blues, performing regularly with Italian Blues musician Marco Fiume. During this time she also collaborated on various other projects with musicians from Bologna and Ferrara. Overtime, Simona’s repertoire grew to include well known Jazz standards, along with Bossa tunes, which she learned to sing in English and Portuguese. Simona sang with Bologna University Jazz Band led by pianist Teo Ciavarella, and with various established musicians and Quartets from the area, such as Jam Quartet, The Blueberries Quartet – with whom she wrote several original songs.

After performing at various festivals such as Alma Jazz in Bologna and Valtidone Festival in northen Italy, Simona returned to Rome, where she further developed her Jazz and original repertoire. During this time, she was fortunate enough to meet and work with well known musicians like Arturo Valiante and Alberto Parmegiani. In 2010 Simona attended the Popular Music School of Testaccio (Scuola Popolare di Musica di Testaccio) in Rome, where developed her knowledge of harmony.

She also continued to develop her excellence in her craft through training in vocal technique and interpretation with teachers: Luisa Lodi, Laverne Jackson and Elisa Turlà. During this time Simona Also attended and took part in Jazz workshops with organizations such as the Umbria Berkley College Jazz Clinics, Roma Jazz’s Cool and has also attended the Jazz Singing and Improvisation workshop at Goldsmiths College in London, after moving to London, Uk, in 2011. The following year she recorded her first original work titled ‘Don’t call Me My Love’ consisting of six songs and two Jazz covers. 

In London, Simona dedicated herself mainly to performing Jazz repertoires and only recently she went back to working on original compositions. She has released her new album ‘One Great Thing’ in January 2022.

A few words about the EP ‘One great thing’

 I literally wrote the majority of it in the tube while rushing to a gig or to a barista shift: many journeys, many trains, no much time, always dropping down lines and music while sitting there, or looking around for some inspiration. Most of the time I felt like I wasn’t going anywhere and often asked myself if I would ever be able to complete them and get to that point where I would release them as an EP. But now I know these songs fought to live, somehow, and my job was to give them a voice. They say it all.

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Simona's music is full of craft. It's amazing how I sink deep into the lyrics and melodies. Addictive music is what everyone is looking for
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Simona Cosimi
One Great Thing
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Simona Cosimi
Goodbye Then
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