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I’m a busy pro jazz guitarist, and have recently moved back to London after many years up north. Recent gigs have seen me play at Ronnie’s, The Albert Hall, The Vortex, the 606 and many more. I’ve recently toured with Judy Carmichael, Jon Shenoy’s ‘Draw by Four’ Teduloca with Nadim Teimoori, ‘Perpetual Motion Machine’ and others. I try to have two different musical voices, a very old school bop flavoured sound and language, and a contemporary ECM type of thing. New projects include a quartet with Nat Steele, playing classic bop and standards, a quintet with vocalist Kate Peters, and a contemporary trio with saxophonist Matt Anderson and drummer Steve Hanley. I’m available for pretty much anything, and have a ton of teaching experience, including as a guitar tutor at the University of Hull. 

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"Keep playing those right chord changes, you sound great!"George Wein, Newport (US) Jazz Festival

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