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Despite his youth, Colom collaborated with big names in jazz, pop and flamenco such as Greg Osby (Banned in London, Whirlwind Records), Nicholas Payton, David Sánchez, Eric Reed, Mulgrew Miller, Al Foster, El Piraña, Chano Domínguez or Jesse Davis to name a few. Artists like Carles Benavent, Luis Salinas, Perico Sambeat, Chicuelo, Duquende and Juan de Juan have counted on him for their projects. Raynald Colom also took part in Manu Chao’s legendary Clandestino tour.

Throughout his career, the trumpet player has accumulated various awards and recognitions, including the 2010 Puig Porret Award for his album Evocación (the only jazz musician to receive this award), Best Jazz Album 2010 awarded by Cuadernos de Jazz for the same album, 2005 Album of the Year awarded by Enderrock magazine for his album My 51 minutes, and Best Trumpet Player of the Year 2001, 2002 and 2004 awarded by the Association of Jazz and Modern Music Musicians of Catalonia.

Raynald Colom released several albums as a leader, including Rise (2012, JazzVillage/HarmoniaMundi), Evocación (2012, JazzVillage/HarmoniaMundi), Sketches of Groove (2007, Fresh Sound New Talent) and My 51 Minutes (2005, Fresh Sound New Talent). He teaches the subject Rhythmic Improvement at the Taller de Músics Escuela Superior de Estudios Musicales.

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Raynald Colom
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Raynald Colom
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