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An urgent and exciting mixing of jazz and Sri Lankan folk songs and rhythms, composer and multi-instrumentalist Radhika de Saram (Chineke! Orchestra, The Smile, Little Simz) charts a very personal journey in music with an international and all-star band of acclaimed musicians drawn from the London jazz scene, including Zhenya Strigalev (JZ Replacement, Tim Lefebvre) on saxophone, Ivo Neame (Phronesis) on keys and Billy Pod (Jim Mullen, Rob Luft ) on drums, playing music from Radhika’s debut album “From the Crow’s Nest” released in 2023.

Radhika de Saram‘s original music is influenced by folk music from her native country, Sri Lanka, as well as jazz and other styles she’s encountered while travelling and whilst working as a freelance musician in London. Away from her own music she tours and records with orchestras including London Contemporary Orchestra and Chineke! Orchestra, and performs frequently at prestigious venues including the Barbican, the Royal Albert Hall, the Royal Festival Hall as well as touring regularly in Europe. She has recorded violin on the soundtracks for many films, not least ‘All Quiet on the Western Front’ which won an Oscar for Best Music, and for albums by bands including The National and The Smile, as well as performing with the likes of Grace Jones, Alicia Keys, Eric Calpton and Little Simz.

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Her writing is intelligent, multi-faceted and admirably diverse
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"A musician fluent in a wide variety of musical languages
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