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Pouring silence into sound her voice has a power to stop time and open the floodgates of the mystery.

She is a composer and lyricist expressing the passionate journey of being fully human, longing for the source of love, for total awakening.

Originally jazz trained, later integrating native american, indian classical, middle eastern and electronic flavors to her ‘ear watering’ blend. Being constantly branded as «Voice of the Sacred Feminine», «Voice of the Mother Earth» Peruquois’ expresses the very feminine soul of sound.

Touring the globe since 1997 she is a light shining the way home. Peruquois is the creator of such deep practices as «Vocal Yoga», «Vocal Tantra» and «Emotional Cleansing» that became a foundation for her potent workshops.

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I've never heard such voice – mystical, wickedly passionate and utterly unique. It is blowing my mind, just imagine you can witness it Live!
Chuck Taylor
Peruquois shines into the world with the very essence of feminine nature
Deva Premal
In 35 years in music I have never worked with a vocalist with the versatility and range of Peruquois. She is capable of extraordinary vocal sounds that are totally unique.
Tom Wassinger
Raw emotion. She explores the deeper themes of personal empowerment, and her music, grooves and songs all reflect these values.
Craig Pruess

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