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We are a small team of passionate musicians and creatives who believe that music and art has the power to change lives. Alongside his work as a sound engineer and producer, Will has been been running community music programs that have helped young people develop confidence and abilities through music for over 16 years. Tom, now a touring musician, designer and events coordinator and Josh, a session musician, sound engineer and producer, are both products of these groups and now lead their own successful careers in music. 
Together we established Patchwork Studios, a recording studio, performance venue and writing retreat under one roof, the Barrack building at Maker Heights. We’re a community-focused organisation run entirely by volunteers, curating a range of creative workshops and events designed to inspire, empower and entertain. We strive to be as inclusive of the diverse community around us as physically possible, with an emphasis on youth development. Our mission is to continue to develop and inspire creativity on the Rame Peninsula and beyond. 
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