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Born in Seville arises musically the early 80s and developed in a generation linked to jazz, pop and, of course, flamenco. Paul is, above all, a musician with talent, knowledge and extensive professional experience showing that expertise which gives the harmonic mastery of jazz. He has participated in the 5th, 7th and 9th International Jazz Festival of the Province of Seville, organized by the Provincial Government, with the group called Jungle Jazz Band, composed of local musicians training, Cubans and Brazilians living in Spain. He has worked with various groups of the music scene in Sevilla, as Kiko Veneno Pata Negra and Rafael Amador with whom he recorded the album titled “As a green stick” and accompanied him on tour performances in Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Tenerife, Zaragoza, among other cities. In the area of ​​flamenco, he has participated in several biennials flamenco in Seville and has accompanied many artists among which include El Turronero, Ricardo Miño and Gualberto, Juanito Villar, Juana la del Revuelo, Niño de Pura, Juana Amaya Pepa Montes, Juan Antonio Valderrama, Remedios Amaya, Juan Ruiz and Diego Carrasco who participated in the Festival des Nuits d’Encens (France) in 2000. It has also collaborated with the Jarcha group. Several years ago, Paul was part of the aboriginal group, formation composed by Jimmy Gonzalez, drums, Rafael Garcés, sax and piano, Victor Perez, “Vitico” (percussion) and Hector Perez (keyboards) Aboriginal won first prize at the International Competition of Jazz Festival Granada 2002, allocating part of it to the recording of his album “Aboriginal”. In October 2013, he has released his first solo called “Dream Come True.This album it self is an initiative of Pablo Zapata where dumps accumulated many musical interests throughout his musical life, thus making your dreams a reality .

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Pablo Zapata
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Pablo Zapata
Por La Bahia
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