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OFFBEAT is a events-based producer connecting jazz, improv and experimental music to the world of film and the moving image. OFFBEAT is where film culture, both past and present, meets with the most quintessentially offbeat music: jazz. Where there’s a jazz soundtrack you can guarantee what’s happening on the screen is going to be unconventional, improvisational, cool or just plain bad. From A Bout de Souffle to Alfie, from Bird to Birdman, the impact on independent-minded cinema has been huge. Through a diverse series of events, OFFBEAT looks to extend this concept to encourage a broader interaction between the worlds of creative music and the moving image in ‘live’ multimedia performance and education initiatives.

Run by Jazz on Film Records owner/jazz writer Selwyn Harris and Niccolò Cioni, OFFBEAT looks to stage events both creatively stimulating as well as enjoyable and accessible at many of the diverse venues and open-air spaces throughout London with an initial emphasis on Dalston, with its dynamic, creative diversity and pulsating jazz and experimental live music scene.


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