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Michele Drees Jazz Tap Project  (MDJTP) is a spectacular mix of rhythm tap dance and jazz. This project has been developing for over several years, and is helping to secure the revival of the iconic jazz tap from the back streets of New Orleans and Hollywood’s silver screen to the present day Jazz tap dance in the UK and Internationally. “After many years of playing for the London Tap Jam, I decided to bring Rhythm Tap into my other Jazz gigs on the London Scene. I invited Junior Laniyan to join my trio and the Jazz Tap Project was born” Many wonderful musicians and Uk Tap dancers have performed with us Shanti Paul Jayasinha,     Steve Rose,      John Crawford,      Amy Baldwin,      Barry Green,            John Michael McKensie,   CH Straatman,    Ian Winter,   Scott Cripps,    Adele Joel,   Jess Murray,     Annette Walker,   Al Swainger,  Gabriel Keen, Sean Hargreaves. This project now invites some of worlds most wonderful Tap Masters to dance alongside Tap dancers from the UK scene. The show comprises of new compositions by Michele Drees, especially written with the percussive and expressive Tap Dancers in mind, which includes an exciting mix of Jazz, Brasilian and Rhythm tap that creates a spectacular performance of Visual Jazz.

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