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Kristen Evelyn Rossi is an international jazz singer and entrepreneur.
Born in New York she is the product of a theatrical mother and a childhood filled with music. In 2006, Kristen graduated with a BA in Theatre from Point Park University. Shortly after she packed up her bags and moved to Bangkok.

Since 2008 Kristen has made a niche in Asia working her way around the region performing for luxury hotels in Bangkok, Vietnam, Macau and Hong Kong and landing roles in film, commercials, and voice-over. In 2015 she branched out to Europe and was the resident singer at The Mandarin Oriental in Geneva, Switzerland.

Kristen is the co-founder of Broadway Babe and Musical Theatre for
KIDS Bangkok, both with the mission to share her love of Broadway and the American songbook. Her writings on musical theatre for children, her travels and her performance work have been published in several expat magazines. In 2012 Kristen wrote an expatriate guidebook titled, “Maid in Thailand”.

When not working in Asia, Kristen calls home the United Kingdom.

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Kristen Evelyn Rossi
New York New York
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Kristen Evelyn Rossi
Put The Blame on Mame
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