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Klaus Bru exclusively plays the rare C-Melody sax and the even rarer C-soprano sax, often processing them with electronics, much in the way a guitarist would do. Klaus Bru’s artistic output surprises through its variety and his musical concepts are not the “out-of-the-box” type, he prefers combinations of “boxes” that differ in size, contrast in contents, and clash in colour: He brings in folk music of the world, avant-garde ridden improv, cold-blooded electronic noises and feedbacks, sounds of breath and saliva, pitches smaller than the distance between any two keys on the piano, strange meters and odd tempos, plus – when the time is right and the mind is ready – sincere, singable melodies made to soothe the heart and the soul.

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Klaus Bru
The Greater Part of the Whole
Describing music with words, isn’t that like imprisoning clouds? -- Take two things, put them together, let them react, and see what happens: is the result greater than just the added amount of the two parts? Or, take this case: Do two people together make better music than when they each play by themselves? The question was rhetorical, but the answer is a resounding yes! --- A saxophone and drums duo! It’s not that sax and drums duos have no history. But unlike the sheer energy of John Coltrane's and Elvin Jones’s unmatched flights, Bru and Burgoyne often take a lyrical stance, emphasise sonic impressionism, and are at any point of their improvisations concerned with the greater part of the whole. --- More rhetorical questions here: What if no other instrument is padding the space between the wood of the drum shells and the brass body of the sax? Is there anybody to measure and compare the vibrations of the reed and the alloy of the cymbals? --- But do you really miss a bass, a piano, a guitar, a what-not? How big is that space? What lies there? A world or a trifle, silence or a storm? --- Burgoyne plays his characteristic, wide-open style of drumming, leaving plenty of space for ideas to develop and blossom, and Bru sends his C-Melody sax through effects that could have been pilfered from a lab for experimental guitar playing. The music spans Eastern European Folk music influenced explorations, soundscapes that move like clouds, and abstract musical narratives.  It’s a journey, a trip, an odyssey through a sound world of its own.
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