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Joy Ellis is a jazz pianist, singer and composer based in London.
Following the release of her debut album entitled ‘Life On Land’, Joy has spent the past year touring the UK performing her original music at various venues and festivals including Manchester, Cheltenham and London Jazz Festivals.
She is now working towards the release of her second album ‘Dwell’ which continues to explore her passion for jazz and improvisation, her love of groove and dance music, her classical roots as a pianist and the soulful, poetic aspects of being a singer-songwriter.
‘Fiery improvisations from Ellis who provides well-structured hard-bop solos on piano and Fender Rhodes.’ John Lewis, The Guardian ★★★★
‘Startling debut from British singer-songwriter who sets her cool, poetic meditations…to a suitably restless, sophisticated jazz soundscape. Highly original work that creates a world of it’s own.’ Chris Ingham, MOJO ★★★★
Joy Ellis has a distinctive voice of her own. A very gifted player indeed. A triple threat with those pipes of hers, those fingers and her song-writing assets.’ Simon Redley, Music Republic Magazine ★★★★
‘Ellis’ presence on stage is easy, with a musical energy and intensity that is interspersed with comfortable chat and her trademark grin.’ Leah Williams, London Jazz

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‘Evocative, completely immersive, and unapologetically beautiful.’ Mike Gates, UK Vibe ★★★★★ ‘Sparkling new album’. Jez Nelson, Jazz FM 'Compelling melodies and an introspective north European feel; delicate, intimate - no notes are wasted in its pared-back sound’. John Bungay, London Jazz News

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Joy Ellis
My Peaceful Place
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Joy Ellis
Day of Rest
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