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If you’re a gigging jazz musician looking to take your career to the next level – whether that’s releasing your first record or developing your international touring – Jazzfuel can help.

The website is an online resource and newsletter run by booking agent & artist manager Matt Fripp, with special guests from around the jazz world.

The goal is simple: giving you ideas & advice on how you can build your career to get more gigs and more fans.

As a musician, you’ve spent years practicing your instrument and honing your craft. The thing is, there are lots of other factors that affect which gigs you get and how many people even get to hear your music.

Are you approaching promoters and booking agents in the best possible way? What are journalists looking for? How should you plan your album release? How can you get actual results from social media? The list goes on…

The articles at www.jazzfuel.com are aimed not just at sharing the ‘industry’ point-of-view of people working inside the business, but also at giving you ideas and tested strategies for maximising your own chances of success.

Sometimes it’s hard to break down all these ‘other’ things into manageable parts, never mind come up with a plan for how to put them into practice across weeks and months. But by joining the free mailing list or checking back regularly on the content – as well as starting to incorporate bits into your weekly routine – you should see a positive impact on your project and career.


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