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The Ivors Academy exists to support, protect and celebrate music creators in the UK. We are the independent professional association representing songwriters and composers in all genres, whether they create song, symphony or sync. Previously known as BASCA, we can trace our history back over 70 years. As champions of music creators, we have three main activities: campaigning, cultivating and celebrating.

We campaign together nationally and internationally to ensure that the rights of our members are protected, now and tomorrow. We believe the creator voice is powerful, and our campaigns always have the rights and needs of music creators at their heart.

We cultivate talent, creating a community across the country in which creators cross-pollinate and all voices are heard. We guide new talent entering the industry, and continue to encourage our members as they progress to greater successes. We deliver a programme of events and resources for our members to share their insights and expertise, develop their craft, collaborate with one another and find new sources of inspiration.

Through our awards – The Ivors and The Ivors Composer Awards (previously the British Composer Awards) – we recognise the power and brilliance of music creators. Our awards are internationally renowned as the pinnacle of recognition for songwriting and composing, uniquely judged by music creators themselves. They shine a light on creators, raising their profile and celebrating their craft.

We have four Genre Committees, made up of elected Academy Members, who regularly meet to ensure that the specific needs of creators in their fields are being considered in our campaigning, developed in our events programmes and their achievements recognised. We are the only industry body in Europe with a dedicated committee focused on Jazz creators.


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