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Versatile instrumentalist, sought-after session musician and jazz player to the core, the Basque saxophonist IÑAKI ARAKISTAIN , in addition to sharing recordings and stages with many of the most important national and even international Pop and Jazz musicians, has managed to carve out a solid prestige in the Spanish jazz scene with his very personal musical projects, always intoxicated with Grooves and Funk essence. With five of his own records on the market, Iñaki has become a musician with a long career, whose prestige has already been recognized both by the specialized press and by the artists with whom he has shared the stage and/or collaborated. Iñaki Arakistain opens us to an unprecedented musical concept in Spain performed by a saxophonist, in which Groove music coexists with influences from Brazilian music, Latin Funk, as well as merging Flamenco with these styles, thus enriching their new joint projects. by the common language of jazz. The Iñaki Arakistain Band quintet performs a selection from its extensive repertoire and presents The Sun Shines Again’ its new album ‘ Jazz, Groove and Latin Jazz Themes mixed with exotic sounds and roots as deep as flamenco fusion and Afro-American music such as jazz funk. Elegantly constructed harmonizations and new sounds that travel a new musical direction The saxophonist, flutist and composer Iñaki Arakistain explains that this new album tries to reflect past experiences and the experiences lived through music, filtering them with this  complicated period. “I have tried to make my compositions fundamentally reflect hope and a new “post-pandemic” era. Iñaki Arakistain Band is a quintet formed by Israel Sandoval (electric guitar), Yrvis Méndez (bass), Cristina Morales (percussion) and Anye Bao (drums) and Iñaki Arakistain (leader, tenor and soprano sax).

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Iñaki Arakistain Band
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Iñaki Arakistain Band
The Sun Shines Again
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