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GW Jazz is a production, promotion and Events outfit established in 2009 by Gordon Wedderburn in London, UK. Its core activities centre on the promotion of jazz and world music through a number of media platforms and events.
Among its activities are:
• Radio Production & Presentation.
• Event Promotion
Projects include:
Radio Production/Presenting
• Jazz Moods for Generation Radio (UK )
• Dimensions in Jazz for Pipeline Radio (UK)
• Jazz on Sundays for Playvybz Radio (UK)
• The Jazz Mood Board Show for Playvybz Radio (UK)
• Smooth Jazz Fridays for Playvybz Radio (UK)
• Jazz in The Present Tense for UK Jazz Radio (UK)
• Jazzplorations for Electric Lion Radio (UK)
• Jazz in the Present Tense for Radar Radio (UK)
• Jazz in the Present Tense for Wandsworth Radio (UK)
• Jazz Moods Live! (UK) – 2011 – 2012
• The SPACE… (UK) – 2011 – 2012
• GROOVALIZATION! (Jamaica) – 2012
• OluFELA 75 (Jamaica) – 2013
• Future Jazz Now (UK) – 2015 – present
• Duckbox Live (UK) – 2016 – present


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