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Gosport Jazz Club exists as a non-profit making organisation to provide and promote high quality live traditional jazz in Gosport and surrounding areas. The Club arranges live performances every other Wednesday by mainly British bands, although there have been visits by bands from as far away as Australia, the USA and Europe. The current venue is Gosport & Fareham Rugby Club

The origins of the club are in about 1978 when Molly & Ken Barton, landlords at the Park Hotel, Park Road, Gosport (now the Park Tavern), started Jazz nights with bands including Cuff Billett, Doug & Dory Whitfield, Monty Sunshine, Bob Jenkins, Teddy Layton, Chris Newman, with Nat Gonella giving guest appearances. This gave Nat a new lease of life. He appeared regularly and featured on Radio Victory with Cuff where Nat is particularly remembered singing “Miss Otis Regrets.

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