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Hello! I’m Mike Outram – guitarist, improviser and composer, and I’m the founder of ElectricCampfire.com.

Electric Campfire exists to make you a more creative guitarist. You’ll find step-by-step video courses, lessons and community designed to fuel your creative spark. We also regularly host Live Lessons where some of the best guitar educators on the planet who share their insight, experience & inspiration to inspire you.

As a musician, I’ve played all over the world & recorded around 100 albums with people like Steven Wilson, Carleen Anderson, Tim Garland, Theo Travis, Steve Lawson, Robert Fripp, Laura Rossi, Herbie Mann, Hadrian Feraud & Nikki Iles.

And as a teacher, I work with the next generation of incredible young musicians at The Royal Academy of Music, The Guildhall School of Music & Drama, and TrinityLaban, London.

I share everything I’ve learned as musician and teacher at Electric Campfire, and we have a growing faculty with the likes of Phil Robson, John Wheatcroft, Chris Montague and more who are bringing their knowledge and inspiration to you.

Come and join us! (There’s a free 14-day trial) and we’ll help you become a more creative guitarist!

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Check out Mike Outram's website ElectricCampfire.com. If you want to get some jazz lessons - this is the man. He's who I go to when I'm trying to get my jazz chops together! - Justin Sandercoe​​ - JustinGuitar.com ---- Bottom line is that I think my playing has improved more in the last year than in any other year I can remember since I'd learnt the basics and Electric Campfire has been possibly the most important thing driving and enabling that progress." - Mark ---- “I’ve gotten results in spades from Electric Campfire.” – Gordon ---- “I have achieved a lot with Electric Campfire… It has given me so much foundation and motivation.” – Adam ---- “Love this – such an education. Thanks again, This site is SO much what I have been searching for!” – Paul ---- “Superb lesson Mike! Can’t wait to practice this.” – Mike ---- “This lesson alone is worth the subscription. I finally ‘get’ what those pianists and guitarists are doing when they are substituting chords all over the place with a familiar song.” – Jonathan ---- “Wow Mike! Such a huge amount of great stuff here! Some very deep too! Gonna be cracking into some of this in the coming week! I really like the visualisation ideas, been trying that out the last couple of days.” – Jim ---- “this lesson is really nice for me because fundamentally it’s very simple ???? It felt like quite a leap from the “window” idea to the linear lines but I’m itching to put some time into this and see what transpires. Thanks Mike. – Stuart ---- “Thanks for such an exciting course. Everything I’ve looked at has been fascinating.” – Dave

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