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Award-winning London disc-jockey & trailblazing broadcaster, DJ Ritu, is the voice behind the UK’s definitive global music show, A World in London. Her 34 year career includes two decades at the BBC, pioneering the Asian Underground scene, co-founding cult label Outcaste Records (signing Nitin Sawhney and Badmash & Shri), and touring in over 35 countries as a band-leader and solo artist. A musical chameleon, Ritu’s eclectic repertoire encompasses pop, soul, disco, as well as ‘world’ genres, making her a firm favourite at prime venues & festivals like WOMAD, Roskilde, Sfinks, Tate Britain, Spiritland, and The Royal Festival Hall. A Rough Guides CD compiler and music industry consultant, Ritu is also the director & co-founder of two leading and longest-running London club nights, the SOAS Concert Series Producer, a member of the Mayor’s London Music Board, and the European World Music Charts panel.

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