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Come in, my friend. Welcome to the “Music Worlds of the Colos Hall”.

You may already have looked at it from the outside, this older, large building from the 1930s with the disc which has been cracked for 20 years and never replaced, the two showcases full of concert posters and the small company sign – in the middle of Aschaffenburg’s pedestrian zone. And this is supposed to be the shop with the big name “Colos-Saal“? Well, understatement may work differently – admittedly.

But it is still early evening, only the narrow entrance area is accessible. So take your time and first take a look at the cultural magazine “Bread & Games”, which is everywhere here. You may be amazed by the variety of Aschaffenburg’s cultural offerings when browsing through the pages, and you wonder how many inhabitants this city has. How, about 70,000 only? And for this small town it has then month by month to the 100 stage events. How can this work?

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