Paris raised, London based Chase Emery Davis (24), is a classically trained, bass baritone opera singer who has crossed over to Jazz / R&B and Rap.   He has a with a warm timbre, flawless falsetto, and sultry voice.   When not singing he is one of the UK’s top young bilingual French/British English voice actors and narrators.  

3 Jazz demos => http://song.space/2j5l6q 
Chase has a once in a generation voice and is available for top line, lead, harmonies and session work on and offline, as well as corporate event hire in Mayfair, Soho and around London. 
Chase is a multi genre songwriter, composer, and a music producer with degrees in composition and production. 
He has significant musical theatre training and performance experience. When not creating music he is a creative writer, digital artist.
Clients: Editions Hattier, S.N.C.F for Audiophase, Tour 78, Quantic Dreams, Sonepar, Eurostar, Youtube France, Ulverscroft, Park Chinois

Chase did an incredible job on my song. It was a difficult piece but he performed it exactly as I asked. I have never had a project that was this challenging completed to perfection on the first try. The instrumentation, and harmonies he added were perfect. Totally satisfied. – Charles

No words can express how happy and blessed I feel to work with Chase Emery Davis as a singer. He has been wonderfully communicative, professional, expert, intuitive, kind, and just a delight to work with. I recommend him with the highest praise I can give for his work on my difficult composition. You cannot go wrong working with Chase! – David
The amazing Chase Davis kicked off the party with an assortment of songs in different languages that got the crowd going.   …. Davis is a multi-talented musical sensation who started  his musical career eight years ago. He originally  wanted to become a film actor, but all that changed  when he became enamoured by music. Encouraged by an instructor who loved his baritone voice, Chase  started taking lessons with a renowned jazz and classical  vocalist. He then decided to pursue a bachelor’s  degree in composition and a master’s degree in music production. .. he now produces and writes Jazz and Electronic Dance music, and recently started a new lyrical rap  project. Davis even created two special tracks for eniGma’s 7th Celebration of Arab Glamour & Success, which he composed using untraditional instruments like the Chinese Erhu and the Egyptian Zither.  – Enigma Magazine
WATCH AND LISTEN selected music videos

Julia Biel – Live from the church


Motherboard Pinball


Watch and Listen – Loucin


VOTI – Newcastle Jazz Festival 2021


VOTI – Robert Mitchell’s 50th Birthday Concert


VOTI – Julian Siegel: Tales from the Jacquard


APPJAG Review of Jazz in England


Watch and Listen – Deemer #2


Watch and Listen – Queen Mab


Watch and Listen – Deemer


Watch and Listen – Ivo Neame


Watch and Listen – Eliza Oakes


Watch and Listen – Isobella Burnham


Watch and Listen – JazznewbloodTAPES


Yazz Ahmed In Conversation


Watch and Listen – JazznewbloodTAPES


Watch and Listen – Open Conversations EP1 Part 2


Watch and Listen – Open Conversations EP1 Part 1


Watch and Listen – DJ Ritu


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Nov 9, 2021
  Preston Conservative Club

Sachal Vasandani feat. Romain Collin – ‘Midnight Shelter’

Nov 18, 2021
  Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama

Tom Seals & Alex Bone “Heart & Soul”

Nov 4, 2021
  Boston Room at George IV

Sachal Vasandani feat. Romain Collin – ‘Midnight Shelter’

Nov 16, 2021
  The Pheasantry

The Mississippi Swamp Dogs : “A Celebration Of The Deep South”

Oct 28, 2021
  Boston Room at George IV

Sachal Vasandani feat. Romain Collin – ‘Midnight Shelter’

Nov 15, 2021
  St George's Bristol

Sachal Vasandani feat. Romain Collin – ‘Midnight Shelter’

Nov 19, 2021
  Lantaren Venster

Fiona Ross at the EFG London Jazz Festival

Nov 19, 2021
  Karamel Club

Filomena Campus Quartet at the EFG London Jazz Festival

Nov 19, 2021
  The Pheasantry

Xhosa Cole Trio

Oct 25, 2021
  The Cockpit


Nov 18, 2021
  The Bull's Head

Sachal Vasandani feat. Romain Collin – ‘Midnight Shelter’

Nov 17, 2021
  The Pheasantry

The Papa George Band Play The Lunchtime Session

Oct 31, 2021
  The Bulls Head

Together We Go Forward

Nov 14, 2021
  606 Club

An Evening of New Jazz Fireworks

Nov 5, 2021
  Cadogan Hall

Joni’s Soul “Homage to Joni Mitchell”

Oct 29, 2021
  The Bulls Head

Trio Manouche with Special Guest Francesca Confortini

Nov 18, 2021
  Boston Room at George IV

Fiona Ross at Toulouse Lautrec

Oct 30, 2021
  Toulouse Lautrec

Lara Eidi : Women in Jazz live @London Jazz Festival

Nov 14, 2021
  Toulouse Lautrec

Emma Rawicz Quartet

Nov 29, 2021
  The Cockpit

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