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Carlos Corona was born in Guadalajara, Mexico, in 1990. At the age of 9 he started to play the classical guitar. Inspired by Brazilian music, Carlos discovered the Brazilian Seven String Guitar and started to use it into jazz and Latin-American popular music in his different projects in Guadalajara. Being part of different bands in Guadalajara, he played different music styles as Cuban and Brazilian music, Jazz Manouche, Mexican son Jarocho, boleros and european music, performing in several theaters and festivals. All this background helped him to explore the Brazilian Seven String Guitar through his own compositions and original arrangements of popular Mexican songs, using contemporary harmony. His first album “Siete Cuerdas Tapatías” was released in Mexico 2015 presenting his pursuit to find new musical sounds and possibilities within the contemporary Mexican guitar. Siete Cuerdas Tapatías received the sponsorship of The Secretaría de Cultura de Jalisco. His performance at the international Jalisco Jazz Festival 2016 sharing the stage in Teatro PALCCO with John Beasley, Frost Ensemble, Toktli, Federico Sanchez, earn a nomination for ‘Best Jazz Concert Mexico 2016’ (Lunas del Auditorio Award). He presented Siete Cuerdas tapatías also at Premio Nacional del Agave 2016, Teatro Sala Higinio Ruvalcaba, Radio Live Session Solo Jazz (Sara Valenzuela, Radio UdG Guadalajara), Festival Cultural del Grullo 2017, Global Music Stage Berlin, Konzertsaal Syke (2019).

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Carlos Corona
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Carlos Corona
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