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I specialise in tenor and baritone saxophone; I also play alto and soprano when needed. I can add vocals if necessary and clarinet or piano if you’re desperate. I’m happy reading the dots in a big band, recording session or horn section; I’m equally happy busking head arrangements with other musicians in any style. I’ve got a decent library of tunes tucked away in the grey cells including most of the things that tend to get called at jazz or function gigs. My main bands are the Big Buzzard Boogie Band, Gustav Bensel Hot Club (Klezmer/swing) and the Andy Williamson Buzztet. As well as these, I play with The Organ Grinders, The Denbone Walkers, Bruce/Illet Big Band. Over the years I’ve shared the stage with Jamie Cullum, Stacey Kent, Zoe Rahman, Joanna Eden and the irrepressible Mama Tokus. I’ve also played with some musical heroes: Al Casey, Tom Robinson, Suggs and Martha Reeves and the Vandellas. Also a vocal hero, poet Matt Harvey.

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