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In November 1979 ANCONA JAZZ was born, which in 2012 will reach the 34th consecutive edition. Use the search box and type in the name of a jazz major: you will find them all practically. From Sonny Rollins to Stan Getz to Keith Jarrett, and with many of them, Ancona Jazz has established a relationship of real friendship. An example for everyone: the late drummer Billy Higgins, who signed the dedication to our book Il Gomito del Jazzista, released for the anconetana peQuod publishing house for the twentieth anniversary of the event. As in the record productions that can be visited on the home page of the site.
ANCONA JAZZ has been able to renew itself over time, arriving in 2004 at its first
summer festival Ancona Jazz Summer Festival – AJSF: after a first placement at the Teatro delle
Muse, since 2010 AJSF is one of the main events of “Amo la Mole”, the summer content of all the main summer cultural initiatives of the city of Ancona. Renewed in the formula, Ancona jazz maintains a programmatic line recognizable in Italy and abroad, faithful to the African American tradition, with progressive moves towards specific projects and achievements. Presents the essential characteristics of swing. Search for interpreters able to bring evolutionary elements into the language. It is characterized by vocal jazz so little known in Italy.
ANCONA JAZZ has been able to renew itself in communication: it is proof of this site has been extensively renewed, in its form and contents. Visit it in all its spaces: you will find the history of jazz in Ancona and its province, records of records, reviews of concerts, interviews, blogs, photo exhibitions, etc. etc. Our virtual community is linked to the site: a form of modern associationism, made possible by Marche Jazz Card (linked MJN, see below), with two levels of advantages and facilitations: BASE and PLATINUM.
We opened our virtual ticket office with the Tickets section and offered Members the opportunity to pre-register their ticket with a simple click. For all others, purchase online with a credit card in collaboration with BookingShow.
In 2007 an important association center was born in the Marche region. It is called the Marche Jazz Network and brings together four important regional companies that have been operating successfully in the jazz sector for a long time: “Ancona Jazz”, “Fano Jazz”, “TAM – Tutta un’Altra Musica” and “Musicamdo”. Sigle behind which we discover great passion and a well-established organizational and proactive experience of high quality.
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