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ALICE is Denmark’s leading venue for the adventurous listener. A meeting place with curiosity and open horizons and a musical experimentarium that explores both new and frontier-seeking hybrids and digs deep into traditions from around the world.

At ALICE, you can experience musical legends and fresh innovations in a completely intimate setting, where there is room for both partying and immersion. Here, a global outlook is combined with a commitment to local environments and growth layers, and we open up both the ecstasy of the dance floor and the debate-creating space of the cultural salon.

All year round we present a wide range of concerts from global roots, folk and jazz / improv to sound art, new compositional music, metal and electronic experiments. mm. We also move out of the house frequently and do special concerts in unique spaces, just as we collaborate with other actors – both locally, nationally and internationally – on major promotions such as festivals and tours. We collaborate i.a. with Roskilde Festival, Copenhagen Jazz Festival, G ((o)) ng Tomorrow, CPH: DOX, Copenhagen Contemporary and are always hungry for collaborations that unfold the adventurous music, and we take part in the public discussion of the role of music in society.

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