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Aatma is a locally owned business. We focus on adding a personal touch and non-corporate aesthetics. This, alongside the connection to many grassroots bands in the area, gives Aatma a much-cherished uniqueness. Aatma has become an important destination for touring bands who want to perform in Manchester’s city centre.
In recent years it has opened its doors to upcoming international bands from as far afield as Japan, Mexico, USA, Australia and India. It hosts a diverse selection of genres, from Metal to Indie to Pop. Aatma frequently finds itself vying for touring bands with much larger organisations in Manchester and we like to think it punches well above its weight. Although run by two different companies, Aatma is the bigger stage in the music hub that is Aatma and The Peer Hat (which is another music venue located on the ground floor of the same building as Aatma).
Aatma puts its genuine love of music, art and culture at the forefront and provides essential space for creativity and experimentation that keeps Manchester’s cultural scene so rich and diverse.“ Ladyfest
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