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Watch and Listen – The Freedom:The Art of Improvisation –

Brought to you by Orphy Robinson, Cleveland Watkiss, Tori Handsley, Paul Bradshaw.


The Freedom Sessions, which up until the pandemic were held at The Vortex on the second Monday of every month, were voted in the top 6 Jam sessions in the UK and received a nomination in the “Innovation” Category at the 2019 Jazz FM awards. For the last year, these popular Free Improv sessions have been brought online straight to our living rooms, giving us a flavour of the energy and exciting innovative artists in the Freedom community across the globe. They also have art curated by Tori Handsley and Visual artist Gwendolyn Kassenaar, who direct a team of Artists capturing everything with hand drawn visuals in the moment, in reaction to the videos of the musicians and creators. ‘The audience might be dispersed but there’s still a sense of a party going on’ (Wire Mag, 2020). 


This month’s session was a celebration of one year of their online sessions, so some archived videos were selected from the year’s contributions alongside some new. Today, ConnectsMusic are sharing a few of our favourites to join in the celebrations. More to come!

Tune in to hear from incredible creators: Randolph Matthews, Robert Mitchell, Xhosa Cole and Rachel Musson.


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