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I have never heard anything quite like this. Peruquois voice is mystical, other-worldly, wickedly passionate… and utterly unique. Prepare for a journey you will never forget.

– Chuck Taylor


Peruquois is an intriguing artist with a stunning mysterious and ethereal voice renowned widely across Australia as the “singing woman”. Her live performances are notable for their ability to dissolve the boundaries of separation between the audience and the singer.


She is a composer and lyricist expressing the passionate journey of being fully human, longing for the source of love, for total awakening.


Originally jazz trained, later integrating native american, indian classical, middle eastern and electronic flavors to her ‘ear watering’ blend. Being constantly branded as «Voice of the Sacred Feminine», «Voice of the Mother Earth» Peruquois’ expresses the very feminine soul of sound.


Touring the globe since 1997 she is a light shining the way home. Peruquois is the creator of such deep practices as «Vocal Yoga», «Vocal Tantra» and «Emotional Cleansing» that became a foundation for her potent workshops.



Peruquois is now excited to share her new 11th album, ‘Altering States,’ with you all. It’s a fascinating and intriguing project that you won’t hear about every day.


Read some interesting fact about Peruquois’ new album:


  • Vocal album – 99% of music material, including drones and pads, is Peruquois voice
  • 3 different overtones – Peruquois sings using polyphonic overtones, sometimes main voice has up to 3 different overtones
  • Psychosonic effectPeruquois voice has measured psychosonic effect on the listener – that’s how Altering States songs live up to their name
  • Sang at the healing frequency – naturally sang at 432Hz which is considered to be healing frequency


We love Peruquois’ work and we urge our whole community to listen to her new album – it’s worth noting again that the pad sounds are all done by Peruquois’ natural voice, which makes it so amazing to hear what a human voice is capable of!


Listen to Peruquois new album here:




Peruquois has been an active healing workshop facilitator for the past 27 years, in addition to being a professional vocalist for 35 years. This beautiful album is a merge of her two career paths and the lovely balance between them.



The album was inspired by profound welcome from people who went into the altered states of consciousness just through listening of Peruquois voice at live performances of her solo concert-meditation Voice and Cosmos. Also the fuel for this album came from various tests of healing power of Peruquois live voice and recorded vocal soundtracks – an integral part of her multiple online courses.





Find Peruquois on Social Media:


Twitter: https://twitter.com/samredmoreh

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/peruquois/reels/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Peruquois/


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