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INTRODUCING ‘en rapport’ – bringing together artists from around the world.


With a keen interest in the use of improvisation as a key element in the interaction between musicians and artists from diverse artistic mediums and cultural backgrounds, En Rapport creates opportunities for artistic and cultural exchange.


Based in Cornwall, southwest England, and with strong ties in Japan, En Rapport is active in these diverse and distant parts of the world.


Founded by Keith Michael and Asako Taguchi.



Kit Downes – piano

Emi Makabe – vocal, shamisen

Thomas Morgan – bass


15 Nov. – Ashburton Arts, Devon

16 Nov. – Midlands Arts Centre, Birmingham

17 Nov. – Royal Academy of Music, London


No One’s an Island is a unique meeting of three exceptional musicians, exploring a merging of jazz and Japanese folk music through original compositions and improvisation. Award winning Berlin based pianist Kit Downes, meets New York based vocalist and Shamisen player Emi Makabe and renowned bassist Thomas Morgan.


Originally planned to launch in Tokyo in 2020, a small window of opportunity has appeared to see thi s magical meeting take shape in England over three days in November.


Kit Downes:  One of the finest pianists of this generation Jazzwise


Emi Makabe: Rapturous, adventurous Japanese folk -influenced jazz New York Music Daily


Thomas Morgan: The double bassist who combines Gary Peacock’s ardent fluidity with Charlie Haden’s deep soul, suffused with a pensive quality that is all his ownthebluemoment.com


EMI MAKABE > www.emimakabe.com

Emi is a Japanese composer, vocalist, and shamisen player, performed in renowned venues in New York City, Europe and Japan. Her songs, described by New York Music Daily as “ rapturous, adventurous Japanese folk -influenced jazz ”, encompassing jazz, pop, classical and improvised music, strongly reflect ing her background in Japan and New York. Her debut album, Anniversary , was released by Greenleaf Music in 2020.


KIT DOWNES > www.kitdownes.com

Award winning pianist and ECM recording artist Kit Down es has toured the world with a wi de range of groups and musical settings , playing piano, keyboard, organ, church organ and harmonium and cello with his own groups (‘Enemy’, ‘Troyka’, and ‘Elt’) as well as wi th artists including Squarepusher, Empirical , Benny Greb, Aidan O’Rourke, and Sam Amidon. He has written commissions for several festivals and orchestras in the UK and in Europe.


THOMAS MORGAN > www.thomasmorgan.net

Thomas Morgan is a unique jazz bassist who stands out with his rich tone, solid yet inventive rhythms, and whose credits reflect his wide range and depth, playing with an impressive range of bandl eaders, including Charles Lloyd, John Abercrombie, Paul Motian, Joe Lovano, Tomasz Stanko, David Binney, Masabumi Kikuchi, and particularly with guitarist Bill Frisell who said of playing with Thomas “.. this way of almost time-traveling, as if he sees ahead of the music and sorts it all out before he plays a note…anticipating me in the moment…”










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