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JazznewbloodTAPES isjazznewblood’snew radio show produced and presented by Patricia Pascal. The show focuses on first singles, first EPs, first albums & featuring music from around the World released by talented young musicians in the early stages of their careers. Other features include storytelling, LIVE performances and retrieving debut albums from jazznewblood’s favourite Jazz legends.


The episode below is dedicated to all the young jazz talent I had the privilege to promote on the JazznewbloodALIVE showcase on London Jazz Festival since 2016. I don´t have space to play all 39 acts but I feat a small selection including XVNGO, Levitation Orchestra, Rosie Frater-Taylor, Tommy Remon, Sultan Stevenson, Emma Rawicz, Roella Oloro, Cesca, Sudo and Keith Jarrett’s first album.

– Patricia Pascal







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