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The Jazz Centre UK in collaboration with Rhythm Connections, is excited to deliver a workshop attended by over 900 children and inspire the next generation of emerging musicians. The Yellow Advertiser news features:


Centre founder Digby Fairweather said: “I’m glad to say that we are rapidly getting back on our feet with community-based events and last Saturday held a jazz workshop for young people called ‘Come And Try An Instrument Day’.


“This was the follow-up to a day-long schools workshop reaching over 900 primary-school children in the Southend area, sponsored and financed by The Jazz Centre UK.”


He added: “This is exactly the kind of community engagement which our centre has championed for seven years, and now that our eviction order has been ripped up we look forward to re-assuming these activities in the years to come.


Ben Selleck, head of music at Greenways Primary School, said: “The workshops were outstanding. That the Jazz Centre UK even considers primary music support as part of their agenda makes it an invaluable resource to the local community allowing us to access music events that would otherwise be beyond the reach of our finances.


“Over 900 children participated in this one day session which included rhythm, harmony, composition and conducting, and gave the children a real perspective of the power of playing in a large ensemble, I have never seen anything like it and would love to have them back for more.”


Mr Selleck added: “The icing on the cake was inviting all children to the ‘Come And Try An Instrument Day’ at the Jazz Centre completely free of charge. What better way to promote music locally?”


Find the original feature here: https://www.yellowad.co.uk/southend-jazz-centre-inspires-new-generation-of-musicians/ 



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