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Europe’s finest female acapella quintet


Following on from the celebration of John Taylor’s 100th birthday and the legacy of Grosvenor Road Studios, we joined Richard Loftus in catching up with GRS’s current owners, Europe’s finest female a cappella quintet Black Voices.


For over three decades the ensemble has captivated global audiences with their music and performances in the black oral tradition – an early music form that is based on the ancient folklores and storytelling of Africa and the Caribbean which have impacted the development of classical and more recent music genres such as blues, jazz and pop.


Richard is joined by members of the group Carol Pemberton MBE and Shereece Storrod in conversation on the life of Black Voices and where music has taken them over the last 30+ years.


From world tours to community engagement, tune in below to hear the wonders of this incredible group:


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