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…his original compositions […] combine accessible melodic invention and gently compelling grooves to maintain a mood of sunny optimism throughout.




Guido Spannocchi is a Vienna born London based Jazz musician known for his trio works and internationally renowned for his albums “Ahead Only” 2017, “Terms & Conditions” 2018, “All The Above” 2019 and “Elevated Music” 2020. Since moving to London in 2011, he has become a fixture in the UK Jazz scene, he published through his label audioguido records, works as a radio host for Threads Radio, runs several regular nights in renowned Jazz clubs and tours regularly across Europe and the world.


Guido and his quartet’s brand-new album, “Live at Porgy & Bess, just came out, and we are very excited to share it with the ConnectsMusic community!


The album, recorded at central Europe’s premiere jazz club in Vienna, features Guido Spannocchi on saxophone, Danny Keane on piano, Ruth Goller on bass and Pete Hill on drums.


The tracklist of this album could be seen a bit like a “best of” of Spannocchi’s compositions from previous albums which are mostly sold out yet we hear these compositions in entirely new arrangements and the album also features new works. Spannocchi’s music is firmly embedded in the tradition yet with a strong grip onto the present and a glimpse into the future of the composers trajectory.



The band were particularly tight that day as it was mid tour, they weren’t aware of this show being recorded which means they weren’t playing it safe, quite on the contrary the fluid interplay shows the frivolous risk taking and challenging spontaneous compositions along the agreed tunes and arrangements. As much as each musician contributes their individual style and way of playing it is apparent that the groups present a band in the sense of having a unique sound as an ensemble. All this makes this recording particularly engaging and fresh.


More about the band:


Ruth Goller on bass known for her work with Vula Viel, Melt Yourself Down, acoustic ladyland and Shabaka Hutchins.


Danny Keane on piano and Rhodes known for his work with Mulatu Astatke, Anoushka Shankar.


Pete Adam Hill on drums known for his work with Alfa Mist, Jo Harrop and more.


Alongside Guido Spannocchi on alto saxophone.


Recorded live by Valentin Zopp, mixed by Raphael Spannocchi at Sound Alm Haid, Bavaria’s hub for new music and mastered by Pete Fletcher at Blackbay Studio Scotland.


Cover Artwork by Daniel Domig available on red double vinyl, CD and digital from 9th June self released on audioguido records.


Read more about Guido and his work here: https://audioguido.com/


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